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Vladimir Kandelaki, the famous Georgian painter, Honorary Professor of Tbilisi Academy of Arts, Honoured Artist and the Freeman of Tbilisi city has an internationally recognized reputation. A lot of exhibitions in various countries of the world and a VAST number of his talentís admirers are the evidence of this recognition. Vladimir Kandelakiís works are not only original, but also deeply national.

Since the 1990s Vladimir Kandelaki has been working in the United States where due to his talent and hard work he has greatly expanded the sphere of his activities. He has been tirelessly popularizing the Georgian Culture abroad. Vladimir Kandelaki whose works originated from and are deeply rooted in the national culture has been struggling for the preservation and revival of the Georgian arts. For this purpose he has established a charitable foundation, Vladimir Kandelaki distinguished himself not only by his works, but also by his collection to which he gave years of his life. So he is a great painter as well as a great collector. For decades he has been collecting the Georgian and Caucasian weapons, household items, musical instruments, etc. His collection is diverse, rich and deeply impressive. Itís clear now how precious the collection and its every item is which Vladimir Kandelaki has been gathering for decades. The more we appreciate and are deeply grateful for his wish to hand over his collection to his homeland. This is an example for all real patriots.


Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

Cremona Foundation Mechanicsville, Maryland

Museum of the Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tretyakov Gallery Moscow, Russia

The Museum of Oriental Arts Moscow, Russia

The Gallery of Contemporary Arts Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Magnitogorsk Museum Magnitogorsk, Russia

Lapintahi Museum Lapintahi, Finland

Sitko Foundation Milan, Italy

Kutaisi Museum Kutasi, Republic of Georgia

Yakutia National Museum Yakutsk, Russia