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Rezo Mishveladze

“Chveni Mtserloba” a newspaper, 2003.

Nancy Trejos

“Cronically Injustice Through Art” Washington Post, Washington, DC, USA, 02/20/2000

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 Director of The Fleisher Art Memorial, “V. Kandelaki-Between Two Cultures”, Introductory letter for the monographic album “V. Kandelaki-Between Two Worlds”, New York, 1998

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An Associate Professor of Art History at Indiana University, “Community and Continuity in Vladimir Kandelaki’s Festive Processions ”Essay for the monographic book “V. Kandelaki-Between Two Worlds”, NY, 1998

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Victor Bennett Forbes,


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Lika Kachkachishvili,


presentation of the book – “V. Kandelaki-Between Two Worlds” in

Tina Sharashidze

 Moscow and in Tbilisi; Number of TV programs and articles in 

Irma Jangirashvili,


magazines and newspapers: “Miror”, “Maestro”, “Republik of Georgia”, “Moscow News”, etc., Tbilisi, Moscow, 1998

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Alexander Prostorov,


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Catalogue for the exhibitions in Finland, 1975