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Exhibition-action, which unites varied exhibits of old military arms of the Caucasus and other peoples of the world are displayed as of an anti-terrorist nature and this is why we relate it to the biggest problem of the contemporary time – terrorism and the terrorist act of September 11. 

The owner of this unique collection, well-known Georgian artist Vladimir Kandelaki, dedicated the exhibition to the victims of the terrorist acts committed lately throughout the world – in New York, London, Russia, Israel and other places. 

In Georgia, at junction of the West and East, such exhibition can be called “The Peace from the East”, since the main idea of the exhibition and its motto is transformation of all kinds of arms into museum exhibits in the future world. 

Famous museum specialists, historians and art experts express their position with regard to this indeed rare collection. It was mentioned, that according to originality and amount, even most famous museums of the world do not possess these types of arms. 

Considering the fact that as of 1990s the artist Vladimir Kandelaki resides in the US, America for him is the most important country after Georgia. 

In one of the variants of Ernest Hemingway’s novel title “Farewell to Arms” for this particular exhibition it would read “Farewell to Arms in a Caucasian manner”… The arms will only turn into museum exhibits in the future.  

We hope, that this amazing collection, in full (here only a part of it is displayed), will be described and processed in accordance with the museum specifics. And in the future, these exhibits as well as paintings of the artist, which were displayed in Tbilisi, New York, Atlanta, Moscow, Washington, Philadelphia and other cities, will finally rest in one, specially allocated space and such space will be found in Tbilisi.